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The aim of the working group is the creation, dissemination, and preservation of well-formed research about information systems security. While relevant for advanced practical development, our primary audience consists of researchers in this area. We value research products with highly reliable and validated theory, empirical data, or quantitative/qualitative social scientific methodology. The group's activities will be workshop-based, and intended to nurture individual journal articles for submission to a wide variety of journals. Our workshops will produce notebooks that consist of formative working papers. We mainly target final publication venues in the management research journal communication system.


Anchoring to information systems means our research will attend and extend the social, organizational, and managerial literature in this area. While we assume an effective foundation in information security technology, we regard information systems risks broadly, for example crime, employee misconduct, warfare, terrorism, error, accident, natural events, etc. We also address information systems security broadly, for example, privacy, awareness, policies, strategy, audit, planning and control.

Dewald Rood Workshop

The IFIP Working Group 8.11/11.13 holds the Dewald Roode Information Security Workshop annually. Click here for the call for papers of the 2023 workshop to be held June 22–23 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. The submission deadline is March 13, 2023.
Conferences proceedings [] are available for download.


Chair: Anthony Vance, Virginia Tech, US
Vice Chair: Tejaswini ("Teju") Herath, Brock University, CA

Editor: Anthony Vance, Virginia Tech, US
Secretary: Rui Chen, Iowa State University, US

Legacy chair: Richard Baskerville, Georgia State University, US
Senior advisor: Merrill Warkentin, Mississippi State University, US